Annie and Willie B. at White Rock Market 6/24/17

SO, Annie’s Saturday job is managing an AWESOME local green market with artisans and farmers and foodies in East Dallas. This Saturday, she gets to pull out her guitar and sing at the market instead! Come on out and dance around while you shop for goodies and eat yummy food!! Willie B. will be up from Houston singing and rockin’ his guitar! GREAT FUN and GREAT FOOD!


When: 6/24/17

Where: White Rock Market

White Rock Market

Lakeside Baptist Church, 9150 Garland Rd, Dallas, TX 75218

Time: 8:00am-1:00pm ( music 9-12)

Annie Benjamin/ Rick Babb at Poor David’s Pub! 6/23/17 BW Stevenson finalists 2017

Annie and Rick Babb ( both finalists in this year’s BW Stevenson songwriting contest) will be sharing the stage at Poor David’s pub. Rick will have his trio with him and Annie will have her good friend Willie B. up from Houston accompanying her with his guitar and vocals! This will be Annie’s first time headlining at Poor David’s!!!! She is super excited about this show and hopes you are too!!!!!


When: 6/23

Where: Poor David’s Pub

Time: 8pm

Annie and Willie B. at Opening Bell 6/22/17

Come join Annie and her dear friend Willie B. at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas on June 22. Willie’s up from Houston!!! We will play lots of original tunes, and because Willie has his awesome guitar and vocals, Annie will get to pull out her flute and JAM!!! This will be a FUN night!!!

when: 6/22/16

where: Opening Bell Coffee

time: 8-10 pm


Annie wins 2017 B.W. Stevenson Songwriting Contest!

This past April, Annie won the  prestigious B.W. Stevenson singer/songwriter award sponsored by David Card the owner of Poor David’s Pub. BW. Stevenson was an acclaimed songwriter from Dallas, Texas whose song ” Maria” has become a top ten favorite . There were some amazing songs and musicians who made it to the finals this year. 2017  Marks the 40th anniversary of Poor David’s Pub. Annie won a very nice monetary prize, a spot  opening for a national act and all sorts of other perks! Stay tuned for more fun ahead!!!

here’s a lovely article written in the Advocate!

Annie wins 2017 B.W. Stevenson Songwriting contest at Poor David’s Pub!