Annie Benjamin

photo (c) Alison Fechtel 2017

Annie Benjamin’s music is a lot like the weather in Texas…. unpredictable and constantly changing. Annie started off playing flute and was one of those nerdy kids who loved to practice her etudes, and to make up new parts for music. At 14, she was recognized by the North Texas Flute Club as an outstanding young player but, by age 16 she discovered punk rock and that she could REALLY sing. Soon after, she was kicked out of the school band. She has been a back up babe, a singing mermaid, a classical flute player, a roadie, a guitar player, a wannabe channeler of Judy Garland, and a devotee of the Texas Music. Her music has been featured on NPR’s Car Talk and in several documentaries. She has performed in numerous plays in the North Texas area, and is currently a company member in Echo Theatre. In 2013, she and several of her colleagues were awarded the Dallas Column Award for best new locally written play for ” The Echo Room Presents: Her Song”. In 2017, Annie won the B.W. Stevenson Songwriting Contest in Dallas. She has sung everything from country to smooth jazz, rock and roll to old timey gospel.As a performer, she feels at home on the theatrical stage, in the concert hall, as well as in piano bars and gin joints of ill repute.